Who’s The G.O.A.T ?


When you often hear about people discussing who the greatest of all time in any genre it often comes with bias. This time is no different. Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time. About 99% of people will disagree with me. Do I think this because I was born and raised in LA? That I grew up watching and admiring Kobe? Most definitely. However, I will defend my statement in the upcoming paragraphs as to why I believe what I believe and hopefully someone can at least nod their head after reading my blog post and say, “Ehh I guess he sort of makes sense.”


First of all, I DO NOT THINK KOBE HAS HAD THE GREATEST CAREER OVERALL. I do believe that at his peak, his performance was unparalleled by anyone else. His prime was short lived and essentially wasted from 2005-2007. He also got snubbed from two more MVP awards but we’ll just leave that out of the picture for now. Also, when I think of the greatest player of all time I bring it down to the 1 on 1 aspect of it as well. Because as a ball player if you ever wanted to settle beef with someone you just played 1 on 1. I do not think anyone could beat Kobe 1 on 1. Most people agree that Michael Jordan will forever be the greatest of all time and HE even said that he doesn’t know if he would beat Kobe 1 on 1, but he did say he would beat Lebron.

Two MAJOR factors that I think people should consider more often when discussing who the greatest of all time is the mentality and the clutch-ness of a player. In that aspect, Lebron is far behind. Kobe and Jordan rule that. If only Lebron had the same mindset as Kobe or Jordan which is that killer mindset, then I would agree he’s the greatest of all time by a long shot. There would be zero doubt in anybody’s mind about that. It’s literally the only thing holding him back as the greatest in my eyes. After saying that, I don’t take away any of Lebron’s accomplishments or his ability to impact┬áthe game at a such a high level. He has paved and continues to pave his own way to greatness.

If I had grown up watching Michael Jordan play I would believe he was the greatest of all time too. It’s just the way things go. Maybe it’s my pride and my upbringing to believe Kobe is the G.O.A.T, but when I attended his 81 point game back (2nd most points in a single game in NBA history) in 2006 against the Raptors, I couldn’t tell one soul out of those 19,000 other people that were there that there is or was a better player to ever live. The energy and euphoria I felt during that game gave me a high that is almost equal to taking ecstasy. And that’s not an exaggeration. I was 11 years old at the time and to this day I still can’t believe what I witnessed. It was at that moment I knew I watched the greatest player on earth give his best performance and no one could tell me there was a better player because it just didn’t make sense how someone else can perform better than that.

I’ll say it again, I do not think Kobe had the best overall career. But I DO think he was the best to ever play when he was at his peak performance for the two seasons through 2005-2006 season and 2006-2007 season.

One Love




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