Going To Festivals Is A Must For Humanity


So the caption might be a little over dramatic but only by a little. But if you’ve ever been to a festival and loved it just as much as I have then you would probably agree to my statement above. Everyone is different though and the festival scene isn’t for everyone. It gets crowded, friends get lost, and people get rowdy. Plus if you have to use the bathroom it’s a good 10-15 minute walk from wherever you are.


Festivals are about being a part of a community that’s together. Everyone wants everyone to have the best time they can possibly have. I have had the pleasure to attend two full weekend festivals in life and I plan on going to way more. The two festivals I’ve been to were Outside Lands in San Francisco and Coachella, both reside in California.

Outside Lands was my first festival ever. I was taking a 7 1/2 hour drive up to San Fran from LA with my friend Harley. I didn’t know what to expect but a good time. When we arrived at the hotel I could already feel an energy I haven’t felt before. And we weren’t even at the festival grounds yet. Maybe it was just being in a new city energy I felt. Who knows.

BAM. We are at the festival grounds waiting on line to get past security. We made sure that our drugs were nice and fitted in our underwear. I’m glad the security didn’t question why I was walking with my legs so close together. That would have been something. But just the adrenaline rush of completing that task got me hyped. We are in the festival now watching George Ezra. We know people that we graduated high school with are at the festival but there’s no service to contact them. So it’s just us two kickin’ it. We move on to another artist, St. Vincent. While we are walking there we run into 5 friends of ours out of nowhere and it blows my mind that out of all the venue space this place has and the amount of people walking that we would run into each other. I slowly found out that that’s a pretty uncommon common occurrence at festivals.

The vibes and energy you feel while listening to great music with great people in a sea of strangers that are vibin’ just as hard as you is an unexplainable feeling. Maybe I’m just a lover of music and I can just delve deep into my feelings while listening where I can almost tune out everyone else around me and just completely focus on the stage and the lights but I’m 100% sure every single person can do the same with the right type of music that hits their ears. And there are festivals for every type of genre not just Hip-hop or Electronic music even though those generally are the more “main stream” festivals so to speak but it really is an amazing feeling when it seems like almost everyone you run into, even strangers, are just being really nice and making sure you’re okay with water or basically anything you need to make sure your experience is going well. It really is the people that attend the festivals that make it special and if you didn’t have a good time at a festival then look at the people you went with because that will be at least 80% of your satisfaction with a festival regardless if your favorite band cut their performance short by an hour.

All in all I could say that attending these festivals have made a huge impact on my life as a person where I see life in a different aspect. When you’re there you just forget about life’s real world problems for a weekend and you just enjoy yourself the best way you know how. And with me it’s definitely the drug use is how I enjoy myself but I definitely do not recommend unless you want to have the best time of your life but that’s just me. And again, these things aren’t for everyone but when you attend a festival it’s almost like you’re in a dream and what you’re seeing isn’t real. I was just overwhelmed with happiness and satisfaction with my life but that goes hand and hand with taking drugs. But I’m definitely not attending a festival without the proper drugs because I’ve been to a festival without and the experience is not even close. Maybe when I’m older and more mature I’ll be able to “have a ball” while attending a music festival with no proper thang-a-langs.

fullsizerender Harley, Ariana, Me 2015
Outside Lands

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