Drug Review Week 1

So I’m starting a new topic and it involves drugs. It is not necessarily legal and I’m not advocating for the use of these drugs, just expressing my experience. For today’s review I will be recapping my experience with the drug Xanax, or benzodiazepines (for my pharmaceutical readers lol).


I first dabbled with Xanax last year at school. My friend Guy and Hose wanted to try it in combination with alcohol as we heard you get a “wavy” feeling from it. We took it as we continued to drink and waited. About 30 minutes later I started feeling light and loose. It was as if I had just gotten a full body massage. I was loving it. I was talking to everybody and chatting their ears saying whatever the first thing came to my mind. I didn’t have a care in the world.

But that’s also the downside of it.

Over this past summer I was back in LA and I was taking this drug in excess. Every weekend I would go out I had to take one while drinking at some bar. It even got to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep at night unless I took one. It was bad where my close friends had to have a heart to heart with me about it. It became normal for me to just go to the local 7/11 to grab a couple beers, pop one pill and watch a movie with my dad until the next thing I know I wake up where I was sitting at around 3 in the morning. If I didn’t take it and I was trying to sleep, I would feel very uncomfortable and had to keep moving.

I sacrificed a few nights of no sleep by not succumbing to my feelings of taking the pill. I had to. I can definitely see how the drug is super addictive. It’s scary really. I haven’t taken it since I stopped to get my night’s sleep. The only situation I would take it again is for airplane flights, but that’s it. Never again with alcohol. I’ve heard too many stories of people dying off Xanax either from drinking excessively on it or even from the withdrawal stage.

Although I do not condone the usage of any drug, I really do not recommend doing this drug even at least once. The cons overpower the pros by a landslide and to be honest it’s not even worth it.


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