Drug Review Week 2


MDMA, or known as Molly.

The first time I took Molly I was attending the Coachella music festival in California. I had already taken ecstasy before so I was expecting it to be something like that. My friends informed me that it’s a gradual rise with ups and downs spanning for about 6-8 hours depending.

We were about to see a band called M83 perform and I had no prior knowledge of them or their music. So I didn’t expect anything out of them. I took the Molly and waited. I felt the gradual rise and started to feel loose in my muscles. The best way I can describe how it feels is the word “Jellyfish”. It feels like you are one muscle moving effortlessly on top of feeling super happy and ecstatic due to the high pump in serotonin and dopamine levels.

We were directly in the middle and maybe about 15 feet from the stage. But that performance was the best performance I’ve ever experienced. It really took me to the stratosphere. There was no question between my friends and I about who was the best performance of the entire festival. This is even comparing seeing one of our favorite artists Flume, which was good and definitely had a dope vibe to it, but not as mind blowing as seeing M83. This may be because of my expectation of Flume and thinking it would be so amazing, but at the same time Flume performed a lot off his new un-released album at the time and it has a different vibe to it than usual.

I’ve been to concerts and festivals before I’ve taken Molly and now when I compare there is really nothing to compare. Like Drake says, “I get a blank page when I try to draw a comparison” I believe that it should be required by law to take pure MDMA. Lol that’s an over exaggeration but I do recommend it to all. Can’t judge something until you try it is all I’m saying.

The only negative about it is the comedown. After taking it every day multiple times a day for three days, the following week felt terrible. Due to constant inhalation of dust obtained in my lungs I was coughing up a storm for about over a month after Coachella. The week after I was so sick I couldn’t go to class for a week. They say you get depressed afterwards due to the low levels of dopamine and serotonin that have to rebuild to regular levels.

It’s a shame that the drug is so bad for you because it really is the best thing anyone will ever experience as long as they are with good company and good environment.

10/10 would recommend.



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